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For GASS IT Service Management means the total engagement for a Business IT Management and its core area. We help our customers strive to become a leader and we don’t stop there! We then share the journey to an even more efficient and progressive future.
Our guiding word is SIMPLICITY. For us it means simple GUI, simple process and more business. Since GASS started we have always seen the person that is actually working with our platforms and products to be the most important part of a project. A successful ITSM implementation depend on it!

Let us know if you got an interesting project and want to work together!

Integrations with ServiceNow

Do you have an amazing product and want to reach out to more customers? By integrating your applications with ServiceNow, they’ll be available to a whole new market and your customers won’t get the headache of having to implement yet another system to their infrastructure.

We know all the goodies in ServiceNow and have a long experience of different integrations, let us help you!

Application Development

Every business is unique, therefor your requirements may be unique as well. We’re offering tailored solutions to fit your business’ particular needs. We’ll work with you throughout the whole process from identifying your requirements, designing and building the application, testing it and finally deploying it!

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